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What Is Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is a program that attracts abundance where you can come out from stressful life, financial instability, workload, difficulties, and disturbing relationships.

The program will help users renew their lives by using some effective meditation tricks, and you will get what you want in life, like a stress-free life, prosperity, joy, financial stability, strong relationship, and manifest what you dream in your life.

The Shambala Secret contains audio tracks you have to listen to for 22 minutes consecutively for nine days. These audios help you to renew your brain thinking and thinking patterns. You will go under a deep mediation state that gives you the ability to manifest whatever you want in life and remove negativity from your mind.

The program includes powerful tracks which open up your close energies and improve your connection with your soul. It removes all blockages that stop you from achieving your desired goals and boosts brainpower to renew thought using 3D sound.

Additionally, the program also claims that it bring wealth with the help of using the Ancient Tibetan Wealth Secret program. It includes Gamma frequency that directly hits the subconscious part of the brain and can remain focused.

How Does The Shambala Secret Work?

The Shambala Secret is a program that helps restructure the brain conductor and interact with the subconscious. The program includes meditation audio, a mixture of many powerful sounds like bells, chants, etc. The powerful sound waves help you to attract money, health, happiness, and much more.

You can manifest in the right manner, escape darkness from your life, and your mind will be able to remove all blockages that stop you from gaining success in life. The program will transform life by renewing your mind.

The subconscious plays a great role in your life as it diverts your feelings, thinking and helps in making decisions. When your mind has a good mindset, you will feel positive and motivated to live your dreams in reality.

So, the Shambala Secret program will change your subconscious mind to attract whatever you desire in your life.

Shambala Secret Customer Reviews

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How the Shambala Secret help you?

The Shambala Secret is meant to help control your thoughts to attract positivity and prosperity. It helps divert your attention to the right energy and gain control of your life.

The varied soundtracks that generate positive energy in your brain interact with your subconscious conductor. These sound waves are said to have the same language as the conductor.

This aspect enables to reverse the phenomenon of mind-gravity that keeps your brain grounded to negativity. Therefore, you become fully in control of your subconscious activity.

Another fact to note is that your attention levels are always focused on the finite reality of your current experience. This is one of the main reasons why you keep encountering past experiences.

The Shambala Secret audio guide helps you prevent this action by redirecting your attention. As your brain becomes accustomed to these soothing and calming sounds, feelings of positivity and happiness are generated.

Your aura begins to develop into undeniable energy helping you to manifest wealth, health, and more. Within 5–9 days, you might be able to notice a series of happy changes in your life.

The Shambala Secret Bonuses

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BONUS #1 : The Healing Wind

The Healing Wind, which is valued at $37, provides users with a way to alleviate the overwhelming and fatigue feeling that some consumers can get periodically. The audio activates gamma brain waves to create a healthy connection between the mind, body, and soul. The creators even claim that this audio can help support the immune system. The entire track is just 11 minutes long, allowing users to take a moment for themselves at any time of day.

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BONUS #2 : The Golden Sunrise

The final bonus is the Golden Sunrise, which has a value of $37. It is the shortest of all the audio tracks in just five minutes, exclusively promoting improvements in positivity. It has audio that will help the mind to wake up, allowing users to rise with the day gently but effectively.

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BONUS #3 : The Sleeping Ocean

How to Have Sexual Conversations with Women’ eBook

I’ve always felt embarrassed having sexual conversations with anyone, let alone a woman!

Reading this guidebook, I realized that women have similar shyness issues when it comes to sexually charged topics.

shambala secret bonus 4

BONUS #4 : The Shambala Secret "Bliss Version"

This track will still do wonders even without the voice (all thanks to the power of Gamma Waves and 3D-audio)! Use it whenever you want peace or for meditating at your own pace.

shambala secret bonus 5

BONUS #5 : Chakra Healing Sounds

Energy "blocks" can be some of the worst things to encounter during your practice. Hence, we created this 7-track program to help you "unblock", cleanse and heal your Chakras so that you can experience uninterrupted progress while using The Shambala Secret.

Benefits of the Shambala Secret

  • The program activates your Conductor, thus providing the users with a feeling of safety and confidence.

  • The Shambala Secret can enhance emotional intelligence allowing you to enjoy quality and fruitful relationships.

  • The program may aid the user in realizing their true meaning and purpose in life.

  • It helps the users to take control of their life.

  • The Shambala Secret can help users use past disappointments and mistakes to improve their intuition, wisdom, and insight.

  • It can aid the users in radiating love and kindness.

The Shambala Secret 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

shambala secret 365 days money back guarantee

The Shambala Secret is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for 365 full days from your original purchase.

If you're not totally and completely satisfied with the The Shambala Secret, your results or your experience in the first 365 days from your purchase simply let us know at The Shambala Secret Support Portal and we'll give you a refund within 48 hours no questions asked!

Shambala Secret FAQ

Where should I Buy The Shambala Secret?

The book can be bought through their official website at an affordable price. Once you complete the payment , an email will be sent providing details on how you can access your account to enter the Members Zone.

Will this really impact every area of my life?

YES! The Conductor is the “master” of your subconscious, where 95% of your beliefs, decisions, and habits live. Which is why reprogramming the Conductor is so powerful. There’s no area of your life that won’t be radically transformed. You’ll finally be living your best life because The Conductor will finally be reversing the negative programming you’ve been chained to for far too long. You’ll experience a level of financial freedom you only dreamed was possible. You’ll experience time freedom to live life on your own terms - not someone else's. Get ready for a tidal wave of abundance in your life - starting as soon as today.

What have other manifestation programs not worked for me? How is The Shambala Secret different?

Most “manifestation” programs simply don’t address the Conductor. Simple as that. And unless you change the programming of the Conductor, “manifesting” is just window dressing. Manifesting what you want is impossible until you update the Conductor with this 3D engineered audio. This is what the Shambala Secret does for you. The Shambala Secret addresses all the negative beliefs you’ve been carrying in one simple audio. There’s no difficult and long journey to “learning to manifest”. There’s no endless mindset sessions. So because of The Shambala Secret…It’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance - it’s inevitable.

How can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

The Shambala Secret has a 365-day money-back guarantee. You can send a quick email to the seller within 365 days, and you will receive your refund, and you will not be asked any questions. Your investment in yourself is 100% risk-free. You get an entire 12 months to decide if Shambala Secret is right for you! If at any point during that 365 day period, you feel like it’s not the right fit, simply email us and we’ll refund every single penny. No questions asked. I wanted to make sure you have the time you need to get the results you want. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

How is my personal information protected?

We protect your personal information with 256 bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This is military-grade encryption, meaning your personal information is as safe as Fort Knox.

How soon should I expect results?

No two people are alike…Which means there’s no way to give an exact answer that would be true for everyone. Some have seen amazing results right out of the gate. Others experience a steady build up of momentum. But here’s the thing. The results build on themselves…Which is why it should be a daily practice. The more consistent you use the Secret, the more powerful your results will be. Plus, since everyone is different, I wanted to make sure you had an entire year to try it out!

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